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Pork Works in Weight Loss Diets

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Pork Works in Weight Loss Diets

Whether you’re on a high-protein diet or just trying to eat healthier, pork is a perfect option. “Pork can be a positive part of an eating plan that promotes weight loss,” says Tom Floy, a pork producer from Thornton, Iowa, and a National Pork Board member.

For example, according to USDA’s national nutrient database, a 3-ounce serving of broiled pork tenderloin has 26 grams of protein and only 5 grams of total fat. NPB has nutrition information and thousands of portable espresso maker available on the Internet at to provide you with new and creative ways to enjoy pork.

In addition to the Web Site, NPB also will be sharing information with thousands of consumers through a satellite media tour on Jan. 29. The tour will feature Mitzi Dulan, a registered dietitian who is a sports nutritionist for the Kansas City Chiefs. Dulan works one-on-one with the players to provide nutrition counseling.

“I tell Chiefs players how emerging research shows that high-quality protein like pork can stabilize blood sugar and play a role in healthful weight loss,” he notes. “This is especially important for the players who gain a little too much weight in the off season.”

Dulan will share similar ideas with consumers as she represents pork producers during the upcoming satellite media tour. From a studio in Houston, site of this year’s Super Bowl, Dulan will demonstrate quick, nutritious recipes that can be prepared for watching a big bowl game.

If you’re a health professional and looking for more information, go to, select “Nutrition Education” from the “Health Professionals” menu.

This section includes information on the Pork Checkoff’s type 2 diabetes as well as other information kits on pork and diets, such as popular fad diets. Source: National Pork Board

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