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Vintage Electric Guitar


Vintage Electric Guitar

A Vintage Electric Guitar or Vintage Acoustic Guitar are not a true Antique Guitar. Though commonly it may be called that.

As a true antique must be over 100 years old. A true vintage guitar is made between the 1920’s and 1970 – of course there were guitars produced before then. So if you want to buy/sell a Vintage Guitar – then it has to have been made between that time period.

Difference between an Electric and an Acoustic Vintage Guitar

It is important to understand this distinction when looking to buy or sell a vintage electric guitar or vintage acoustic guitar. As you would question the credibility of a vendor that suggested that it was an Antique Guitar when it was made post the 1920’s.

Interestingly too – for those that are true Antique Guitar Collectors, in that the guitar is over 100 years old, there is the confusion between what the terms: “Parlor Guitar” and a ‘Romantic Guitar” really mean. The differences are mostly due to the meaning of the two terms and not related to the actual age of the guitar.

I won’t go into too much detail, as my focus is very much on Vintage Guitars, and particularly the Vintage Electric Guitar. It can be a very deep field to get into and I’ll only mention the basics.

Suffice to say many settle on the term “Early Romantic Guitar” to describe a guitar and style of music from 1770-1860. I personally don’t use this term to describe Vintage guitars, but many do.

Older Vintage Guitars

And guitars made prior to the 1920’s are known as Parlor Guitars in most parts of the world. Again I have read a few contrary opinions to this, and overall this does seem to be the consensus. You can find out excellent gun bluing kit by researching online. You will see the many opinions people have about vintage and non-vintage electric guitars.

OK back to the Vintage Electric Guitar. The purpose of this post is to just offer a word of caution, so when you are searching for your next acquisition, by all means type in “Antique Guitar” into Ebay or the like – just PLEASE check it out thoroughly, as true Vintage Guitars are not Antiques, and a reputable Vendor would know this.

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